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Some animals produce

The chameleon has a tongue that is 1.5 times the length of its body! Squirrels can't remember whe

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Everyday, U.S. businesses use enough paper to circle the Earth over 20 times.

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Facts about Achondroplasia

  1.  80% of children born with Achondroplasia have average sized parents

  2.  Effects 1 in about 25000 people

  3.  Its depiction in ancient Egypt makes it one of the oldest recorded birth

  4.  Most people with Achondroplasia eventually reach an adult height of about 4

  5. Occasionally a baby or young child with achondroplasia may die suddenly often during sleep

  6. Parents have no other children with achondroplasia, and the chances of their
    having a second affected child are extremely small

  7. Older-than-average fathers (age 40 and older) are more likely to have children with achondroplasia

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