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Facts about Abortion

Abortion fact 1

Fact 2

67 Percent of women who committed abortion got no counseling
before doing it. 52% of women who did abortions felt rushed and 54
percent other not confident with her decision. 4 out of 10
causeless pregnancies lasted in abortion.

Fact 3

From all total number of pregnancies in the world, 24% of them end
in abortion

Fact 4

79 Percent of the doer got no information about alternatives

From all women between 15-44 years old, 2 out of 100 doers got an
abortion. More than 48 percent of the number already had 1 or more
abortions before. 52% of women who did abortions are under 25. 19
percent of them are teenagers and 33 percent of them are women
between 20-24 years old

Fact 5

31 percent of the women who did abortion have infected by
complication diseases. 10 percent of them suffer immediate
complications and 1/5 of the percentage got life-threatening

Fact 6

After abortion, women have 65% chances of clinical depression
higher than women who bear her baby. Compare to white woman, the
number of abortions that are doing by Black women are 4 times
bigger. For Latin American women the quantities are 2.5 times

Fact 7

65 percent of women who did abortions suffer post traumatic stress
disorder and almost 2/3rds of women who did abortion have never
been married before.

Fact 8

Abortion rate

Death rates of abortions are 3.5 times higher than a normal
birth. 60% of the doers are mothers who already have one or more
kids on her home.


According to survey, 60% of women who did abortions agree that
“part of her is died” after doing it.

Fact 10

Suicide rates of women who did abortion are 6-7 times bigger than
women who bear her baby. In Non Muslim country, 43% of women who
did abortions are Protestant and 27% of them called themselves

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