Amazing Facts

Facts about Skunk !

Skunks eat just about anything: eggs, insects, fruits, rodents, dead
animals, and more.

A snake bite does not kill skunks-they are immune to snake venom.

Skunk Spray

A skunk has two anal glands that carry the spray material. These
glands carry limited amount, enough to spray 5 to 8 times. Afterward,
the skunk needs sometimes over a week to reload the glands. Skunks
spray sparingly.

A skunk can spray the yellow oily foam (sulfuric acid) from its musk
a 10 to 15 feet distance.

A skunk always warns before spraying: it turns its back to the
target, hisses, and stumps its feet.

Skunks are not aggressive toward humans. They only spray in self

Skunk spray does not hurt or damage humans or other animals. It is
only a terrible smell that lasts for days and is very difficult to get
rid of.

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