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Facts about Rhinoceros!


There are 5 species of rhinos: white, black, Javan, Sumatran, and Indian.
Black and white rhinos are in reality the same color (gray)—their lip shape is the main difference. White rhinos are normally larger than black rhinos.
Size The white rhino is the second to the largest mammal (second to the elephant). It weighs around 5 tons.
Rhinos reach 6 feet or taller at the shoulder.
Life and Reproduction Rhinos live about 45 years.
Rhinos reproduce very slowly. A mother gives birth to one calf every 3-5 years. Mothers take care of their calves for the first 3 years. Rhinos are on the endangered species list.

Rhinos have two unique horns; the front one is the longer. Some rhinos have a 3 to 5 foot-long front horn.
Arabs used the rhino horn as handles to daggers.
A rhino can re-grow a broken horn.

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