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Facts Of Bhojpuri Songs

Bhojpur is a small part of Shahabad district where Bhojpuri is the
primary spoken language. It is also a main language for northwest areas
of India like Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. Bhojpuri songs
are more popular in Bihar and in other parts of Northern India.
Bhojpuri singers offer tradition of Bihar through these songs. Market of
Bhojpuri songs is bright because of these great energetic singers of
bhojpuri. Bihari and Awadhi people enjoy these bhojpuri songs a lot and
they know the importance of these songs. These bhojpuri songs are
related to their culture and religion, and they are filled with energy.
Nobody can compare these bhojpuri songs to any other songs the energy,
enjoyment, music you will feel in these songs is above all. Your mood
will swing according to the tempo of these songs.

Ganga Maiyya Tohe Piyari Charaihbo was the first bhojpuri film
directed by Vishwanath Shahabadi and released in year 1961. This was the
first song and after that, other bhojpuri songs were released and got a
great response in bhojpuri market. Other popular bhojpuri films follow
this industry later and bhojpuri films like bhauji, loha singh, lage
nahi Chhute ram, and bidesia were super hits of 60-70’s era. After that
bhojpuri films became popular because of their songs, one silver jubilee
film was released in 1978 Dangal, and it was a boom for bhojpuri films
and their songs.

Bhojpuri songs are all time favorites of bhojpuri people and the
tradition related to these songs are according to the environment of
Bihar and Awadhi where people speak the same language. Bhajans, folk
songs, film songs, bhojpuri albums all are famous among these bhojpuri
people. Manoj Tiwari, Pawan Singh, Nirahua, Chotu Chaliya, Radhe Shyam
is famous singers of Bhojpuri songs. More than 10 millions bhojpuri
songs are famous in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Awadh and other

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