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Facts About the Lungs

Facts About the Lungs  Healthier Lungs Types of Lung Conditions
An estimated 90% of the
lung is filled with air and only 10% is hard tissue.
Smoking is difficult to
quit, but will improve your lung capacity by 20%.
Asthma - Difficulty
breathing, may experience asthma attacks
They are the largest organ
in the body and each lung is composed of smooth, shiny lobes.
Exercising  every day is
Influenza - High fever
(104oF), chills, coughing, weakness, loss of
appetite are common symptoms of Influenza
Male lungs average 1060
grams, while female lungs average 930 grams.
An annual checkup can
determine any problems and could prevent complications.
Bacterial Pneumonia- Can
follow severe influenza. Part of the lung becomes
consolidated and is non-functioning

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