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Facts About Platinum

The most important question is that do you know what is platinum?
One of the most common metals that is found world wide that is silvery
white in appearance and has a an easy blend and mixture of other
components like osmium, nickel and so on is called platinum. The word
platinum originated from a Spanish word platima that clearly means
little silver.

If you have been a good student in chemistry then you will certainly
agree that platinum is ranked in 3-12 of the periodic table. Platinum is
often called the transition metal. Some of the characteristics of
platinum are good conductor of heat, ductile, malleable and so on. Since
its inception in 1735 this metal has come a long way. Today most of the
people all across the world prefer wearing platinum jewelry as it is in
vogue and sets you class apart from others.

In fact you should know that platinum is available and can be
extracted from platinum ores. It is also found in its native state in
the ore sperrylite as well. The value of platinum metal is much more
than gold. Hence when people wear rings or any jewelry made from
platinum you can easily gauge them as rich and glamorous. Apart from
being one of the most sought after metal for jewelry making platinum is a
very useful metal. Some of the common uses of the metal are to make
crucibles, treatment for cancer patients, fuel nozzles for jet engines
and so on.

The amazing physical and chemical properties of the metal make it a
very useful metal for both personal and industrial use. Most of the
platinum supplies originate from South Africa and Russia. This rare and
multi-purpose metal has many industries like drugs, LCD, eyeglasses and
so on largely dependent on it.

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