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Facts About Plants 2

  1. A plant’s stem appears and grows upward shortly after the primary root appears. It continues to grow above ground level.
  2. Water and minerals flow upward through the roots into the stem of the plant and then into the leaves of the plant.

  3. Pistils have three parts – the stigma, the style, and the ovary.
  4. Petals are usually colorful, and they attract insects and birds that help with pollination.
  5. Fruit is really the part of a flower in which seeds grow. Cherries, apples, and even milkweed pods are fruit.

  6. Buds are small swellings on a plant from which a shoot, leaf, or flower usually develops.
  7. The primary root is the first thing to sprout from a seed, and it grows downward.
  8. A seed contains its own food supply, which helps the sprouting plant as it begins its new life.

  9. Roots are covered with root hairs that absorb water and minerals.
  10. Grapes and clematis have stems that climb with tendrils, which hold onto a surface, as the stems get longer.

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