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Facts About Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones are no more a luxury but have become a part of our lives. These electronic toys
have reached the far flung areas and you will be surprised to know that
Satellite phones use the technology to commune with far flung, war and
calamity struck areas. Military makes use of the same technology to
reach war struck or prone regions.

Mobile phones are used to communicate throughout the world; you can
now reach out to your friends and relatives anywhere on the globe
without spending much money. Sending text messages or sms is no more an
extraordinary feature in your mobile phone, as now you can send emails
by accessing internet.

Bluetooth technology is one such application, people are just aware
that one can send music videos or songs from one mobile phone to other
without any charge but this application offers you much more than what
one is aware of. Bluetooth can be used as a safety and proximity
application. One can lock and unlock doors, devices or turn on and off
computers, trace ones mobile phones and laptops too.

Mobile phones are also gaining popularity in earthquake prone
countries like Japan and Finland. Mobile phones here have an added
feature which can inform people about any such adversity in advance.

One should also know that there are a few places where one can’t
carry a mobile phone or use it. These limitations are laid at proficient
tennis and golf events where concentration is the key. People are also
not allowed to talk over their phones while driving such limitation is
not only limited to metro cities like Mumbai but also major cities like
California, New Jersey, New York follow this norm.

Apart from the above one should also note what impact the radiations
emitted from mobile phones have on their health. According to some
researchers these radiations are harmful and can damage the DNA which
can ultimately lead to cancer or can disturb the barrier in brain which
restricts inflow of hazardous matter from bloodstream. But as we are
advancing we can’t stop using this technology instead you can avoid
speaking in elevators, trains, subways as radiation reflects inside
these enclosed spaces. Make use of headsets and when possible put your
phones on loudspeakers.

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