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Sea Cucumbers

Sea Cucumbers are Indian Marine Species. Sea Cucumbers are tough skinned, sausage-shaped echino

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Facts about Quetzalcoatlus

You say their name 'KWET-zal-koh-AT-lus'. It is named after a leg

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Facts About Gujarati Songs

Gujarati is the mother-tongue of the people living in Gujarat
&adjacent states like Daman & Diu. People of Gujarat are very
vibrant &lively people &so are their songs & music. Gujarati songs
are liked by people of all ages, be it children, be it youth or be it
old. this is because Gujarati songs have variety in song types. Children
like funny songs like the ones sung by Devang Patel: Mari marji, for
youth its garba songs, for aged there are bhajans, lokgeet. Gujarati
songs have a cultural touch to them. In their lyrics they verbally
depict the tradition of the state. Gujarati films have not gained so
much audience appreciation in comparison to Gujarati songs. Its
classical based songs still have a primitive beats & lyrics far away
from the modern songs. Along with Gujarati people, even the
non-gujarati crowd enjoys the raas garba songs, wedding songs, stavans

Songs are easy to decode even by people from non Gujarati
background.Falguni Pathak is called the queen of dandiya.She sings
excellent Gujarati songs. To hear her sing Gujarati songs, large crowd
gather. The folk songs are widely liked because they have still
preserved the authentic music and lyrics given by charans &
ghadavis.classical composers like pandit omkamath, maulabaux have given
excellent composition in the field of haveli sangeet tradition. Gujarati
films also have larger audience as the songs are the major components
of the films. Gujarati festival like Navratri is the root cause of
making gujarati songs very popular around the country .Thus securing an
important place in Indian music .Dancing on the Gujarati songs have
become popular in the school competitions , realty shows , sangeet.

Gujarati songs are very integral part of Indian music. They are
cherished and mesmerized by the music lovers for their sweetness and
melodious music.

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