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Facts About Dove

1. Doves are fairly hardy birds and can settle in pretty much any climate –
in fact, these birds are only absent in the harshest of extremes such as the
Sahara Desert and Antarctica. However, the preferred habitat of these elegant
birds is tropical forests and woodlands.

2.  As with most birds, doves will primarily feed on seeds,
nuts and fruits. Interesting, the species can actually be divided in terms of
doves that primarily feast on seeds (granivorous) and the other family of dove, the frugivorous species,
where fruit is the primary source of nutrition.

3.    Sadly, conservationists have a number of concerns about
the future of the dove species – in fact, current research suggests 59% of dove
and pigeon breeds are at risk of extinction. The primary threats to these birds
are introduced predators, habitat loss and hunting. Some doves are now also
extinct in the wild, including the Socorro dove.

4.    Doves and pigeons differ anatomically to some other bird
breeds in the fact they have no gall bladder. Although scientific study is
mixed as to the reason behind this anomaly, interesting these birds do produce
gall (or bile) – it’s simply secreted directly into the gut.

5.    Doves are of great cultural importance countries and
religions. For instance, in Christianity, the dove is a common Christian symbol
to embody the Holy Spirit. Release doves
are also used in ceremonies to commemorate important landmarks and historical
events, as well as to offer hope at weddings and other family celebrations

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