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Oil Tycoon

Oil tycoon, John D. Rockefeller, was the world's first billionaire.

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Facts about Scorpion!

There are about 2,000 species of scorpions; about 40-50 of them have

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Facts About Animation

Animation is the art of
creating a film by rapidly moving pictures. A sequence of pictures is
moved very quickly to create an optical illusion. This occurs due to
the fact that the human brain takes time to process the images seen,
which creates an illusion that the image is in motion. Animation can be
done in both 2 dimension and 3 dimension platform.

Animation can be traced as far as cave paintings of earlier eras to
flip books from the past century. The cave paintings include sequence
of pictures depicting motion. Flip books are books with sequence of
pictures on every page, which create an illusion of motion when the
book is flipped through very quickly. After this, came the “cartoons”
which were short films with basic animation. The cartoons gained
popularity with children.  Earlier they were silent films. Shortly
after, sounds and voices were integrated into the film.

A great deal of hard work and time is involved in every animation
sequence. After the basic layout of the story, script and such, the key
frames are made. These frames need to be done for each character in
the film. The key frames include images and models of characters in
each position required in the film like sitting, standing, sleeping,
crouching etc. Some 20 frames are required per second and 2 frames are
shown together as a picture. So, for a short film of one minute
approximately 600 pictures are required.

The animators need to go into a lot of detailing to make sure the
characteristics of each frames are as required. Also, the frames have
been disintegrated to such an extent that even a hair of the model is
animated according to the scene required.  Nowadays, with the advance in
technology, it has become easier and less time consuming to make the
animation frames. This has also upgraded the quality of the films now
being created.

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