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10 Interesting Facts about the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards or popularly known as the Oscars is the most prestigious award

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Meal Of Fire

Chili is a spicy dish abundantly served throughout the Western United States where the strong rays

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Facts About Animals World!

A journey to the miraculous and secret world of animals.
Every creature, as the art of the God, keep secrets and miracles inside it. We, as human, are the only creature who has an ability to thinking.
Various animal kinds have different features to survive in wild nature.
Some of them are discovered by scientists in the history. However, I believe there are many secrets of animals which have not been discovered yet. I have been researching on animals and noting whatever I’ve found interesting.
After years, I’ve discovered many secrets of them which you don’t know yet.This is a great list of amazing facts of animals.
1. Dolphins sleep with one eye open

2. Crocodiles are blind in the water but very keen of sight in the air.

3. Crocodiles are color-blind.

4. Owls are the only bird that can see the color blue.

5. Unlike all other insects, flies have five eyes. They have two large eyes and three smaller eyes between them.

6. Snails have four noses.

7. Giraffes have no vocal chords

8. The tongues of chameleons are as long as it’s body or even longer. Some chameleon types have a tongue longer than two times of it’s body.

9. The tongues of chameleons are faster than a fighter jet.

10. The eyes of ostrich’s are bigger than their brains.

11. An ant can lift fifty times of it’s own weight

12. A cockroach can survive without it’s head for nine days. At the end of nine day, it dies because of hunger.

13. A tarantula can survive for more than two years without food.

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