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Early Star-of-Bethlehem flowers

Gagea bohemica is the botanical name of the plant that is more commonly
known as the Early Star-of-Bethlehem or Radnor Lily.  It is a
representative of the genus Gagea and belongs to the family Liliaceae.
It can be met mostly in the Mediterranean region and central Europe but
can grow further north, for instance, in France and Germany.


The Early Star-of-Bethlehem flowers much earlier than the majority of
other species of Gagea, and is typically in bloom from January to March
or April.

This flowering plant is capable to attain the height from 2 to 6 cm and
usually has the one pair of twisting, basal leaves in the shape of
thread. They bear a couple of lance-like leaves located beneath the
blossoms. There are up to 4 6-petal blooms on every plant. They come in
yellow and are 0,5 cm across.


This specimen has been found at a single site in the Welsh county of

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