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Wind mills

The first known wind machine design wasn’t for grinding grain or pumping water, but for p

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Kitchen Flow Designs Facts

Kitchen design flow consists of quite a number of techniques. However, the most popular is the s

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  1. Cows release 50 million metric tonnes of methane gas a year
  2. A cow has 4 stomachs
  3. Cows sweat through their noses. (Think twice before clicking here.)
  4. An American cow called Fawn was not afraid of flying. In May 1963,
    she was swept up by a tornado and carried half a mile, only to land
    safely in another farmer’s field. Five years later, another tornado
    carried her over a bus. She survived this too, and lived to the ripe old
    age of 25
  5. Cows, like my granny, do not have upper teeth
  6. One cow can produce up to 200,000 glasses of milk in its lifetime

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