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  1. The word Christmas comes from Cristes maesse, or “Christ’s Mass.” 
    The abbreviation X-mas originated from the word Christ, which in Greek
    is chi, and also identical to the letter ‘X’
  2. Why on the 25th of December? In the time of Christ, there was a
    common Jewish belief that the prophets died on the on the same date as
    their conception. According to certain calculations, Christ was
    crucified on 25 March, thus signifying His conception. 9 months after
    25th March is the 25th December. Others say that the celebration date
    was set to replace popular pagan winter solstice celebrations
  3. Christmas was only celebrated 440 years after Jesus died
  4. The twelve days of Christmas represent the time it took the wise men to visit the manger of Jesus

  5. The use of evergreen “Christmas” trees during winter celebrations is actually pre-Christian
  6. The first decorated Christmas tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510
  7. Most artificial trees are manufactured in Korea, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, where Christians are the minority

  8. Teddy Roosevelt banned the Christmas tree from the White House for environmental reasons
  9. English Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas between 1647
    and 1660 because he believed such celebrations were immoral for the
    holiest day of the year
  10. In Australia, the postal service says that approximately 120,000 letters are addressed to Santa yearly
  11. Santa has 2 addresses: Letters addressed to “Toyland” or “Snowland”
    go to Edinburgh and those to the “North pole” actually go to the North
  12. Father Christmas, was based on St. Nicholas who is also the patron saint of pawnbrokers among many of his patronage
  13. 3 years after Edison invented the light bulb, he was presented with the first Christmas tree bulbs

  14. Santa’s reindeers took their name from the poem “A visit from St. Nicholas”

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