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Cherry Trees

Many people grow cherry trees for their spectacular spring flowers.
Cherry trees can have a graceful weeping form or attractive upright
canopy depending on the species. There are many cherry tree varieties
to choose from. Most cherries produce pink to white flowers. Cherry
tree leaves are also attractive in the fall.

Bing sweet cherry trees produce large, delicious,
deep red fruit. Bing sweet cherry trees begin to bear fruit in their
fifth or sixth year, and once mature can yield up to 100 pounds of

Ornamental flowering cherry trees, such as the Kwanzan Cherry tree,
Chinese Cherry tree, and Yoshino Flowering Cherry tree, are sterile and
do not produce fruit, but are cultivated to be decorative by producing
more abundant blossoms. The Kwanzan is the highlight at the Cherry
Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.

Cherry trees should be planted in early spring.  If growing cherries
for their fruit, a cooler drier climate is best. One should plant
varieties that bloom at the same time as successful pollination is
necessary for a bountiful harvest. Cherry trees flourish in full sun
and well-drained soil.

Cherry trees are 20 to 30 feet high / 15 to 25 foot spread

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