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Boxing is a sport in which two
participants of similar weight and gender fight each other
with their fists in a series of one to three-minute intervals
called "rounds".

In both Olympic and professional
divisions, the combatants (called boxers or fighters) avoid
their opponent's punches while trying to land punches of their
own. Points are awarded for clean, solid blows to the legal
area on the front of the opponent's body above the waistline,
with hits to the head and torso being especially valuable.

For record-keeping purposes, a TKO is
counted as a knockout. On boxers' records, only KO's are
mentioned. Technical knockouts are usually only mentioned in
contemporaneous news articles.

The history of boxing dates back to 4000
BC to North America.

Women's boxing first appeared in the
Olympic Games at a demonstration bout in 1904. For most of the
20th century, however, it was banned in most nations. Its
revival was pioneered by the Swedish Amateur Boxing
Association, which sanctioned events for women in 1988.

Mike Tyson was perhaps the greatest and
most controversial boxer of all time. Once he bit Evader
Holyfield's ear during a match.

Boxing techniques utilize very forceful
strikes with the hand. There are many bones in the hand, and
striking surfaces without proper technique can cause serious
hand injuries.

There are many types of punches including
jab, cross, hook, and uppercut.

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