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Facts About the Lungs

Facts About the Lungs  Healthier Lungs

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Rabbits canít see under their nose

Rabbits can't see under their nose. They have a blind spot there so the common practi

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Bellflower represents the genus Campanula. It belongs to the family of
Campanulaceae. It got its name with the reference of its bell-shaped

Symbolic Meaning is My love for you is infinite
and everlasting.

The plant has its origin from Europe. At the same time it can be come
across in the meadows and along the roadside beginning with the
southern Connecticut to the Central America.

The blooming time of this plant is from July through September. The
blossoms can be seen in violet-blue and white colors.

The hallmark of this nice flower is it resemblance with the bell as its
blooms look like tiny bells. Its flowers have five-pointed bracts. The
leaves look narrow and toothed.

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