Amazing Facts

Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger turned 63 on
    July 30 this year and by any measure he has packed an awful
    lot into those years.

  2. Born in Austria he first rose to fame
    as a world champion bodybuilder which led into a career as a
    movie actor in

  3. Hollywood. He is now the Governor of
    California with ambitions to one day become President of the
    United States.

  4. An ambition that, given his past
    achievements, is well within his capabilities.

  5. To celebrate his recent birthday here
    are some interesting facts about one of the most famous men
    in the world today.

  6. His middle name is ‘Alois’.

  7. He had an older brother, Meinhard,
    who died in 1971.

  8. His father was a European ice curling

  9. He served in the Austrian army in

  10. He won the Mr. Universe title five
    times and the Mr. Olympia title seven times.

  11. He earned a degree from the
    University of Wisconsin.

  12. He is a talented illustrator and

  13. He was the original choice to play
    “The Incredible Hulk” in the TV series.

  14. He is nicknamed “The Austrian Oak”.

  15. He has cast friend Sven-Ole Thorsen
    in 15 of his films.

  16. He models himself politically after
    Ronald Reagan.

  17. He managed a gym in Munich.

  18. He has appeared in 28 movies.

  19. He served 7 days in a military prison
    in Austria for going AWOL to compete in the Junior Mr.
    Europe competition.

  20. He received $29.25 million plus 20%
    of the gross for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

  21. He was the first American private
    citizen to own a Humvee.

  22. He owned the restaurant “Schatzi on
    Main” in Santa Monica, California.

  23. He excelled in soccer and swimming as
    a child.

  24. He is California’s 38th Governor.

  25. He was founding partner in Planet
    Hollywood with Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis.

  26. He works closely with the Special

  27. He buys carbon credits to offset the
    greenhouse gas emissions of his flights.

  28. He has a tent outside his Sacramento
    Governor’s office where he can smoke cigars.

  29. He holds an honorary Doctorate of
    Humane Letters from USC.

  30. He will leave the Governor’s office
    in January 2011.

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