Amazing Facts

Amusing Facts on Steroids

  1. Steroids are prescribed by doctors
    to help with anemia or for men who don't produce enough testosterone
    naturally. However, they are also used illegally by body builders and
    other athletes looking for an edge over their competition.

  2. Steroid abuse injures the liver,
    cardiovascular system and reproductive systems.

  3. Anabolic steroids are powerful
    man-made versions of testosterone, a male sex hormone.

  4. Steroids are a favorite drug for athletes that increases the
    level of energy during exercise and enhance the gradual oxidation of
    body fat.

  5. Steroid abuse can interfere with bone growth
    and stunt height, and can lead to heart attacks and strokes, even in
    young people.

  6. The use of two or more steroids
    is referred as “stacking”.

  7. steroids can make as well as ruin a body.

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