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10 fun facts of the nervous System

- There are more nerve cells in the human brain than there are stars in the Milky Way.

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Facts About Pollution

Industries and vehicles are considered as major sources of pollution and the

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Amazing Facts about Mobile Phones

· 483m mobiles are expected to be sold worldwide in 2003.
· In Santiago City, Philippines,mobiles are banned in public to "forestall the occurrence of accident and disturbance".
· The average British mobile bill is £20 a month.
· Over 47m British adults have a mobile phone, about 70% of the population. In America, only 40% have one.
· A quarter of Italians say their lack of a mobile is a blow to confidence and causes sexual problems with partners.
· 16-year-old Lindsay Fletcher from Wigan is the UK's fastest texter: she did a 233-character message in 100 seconds.
· Drivers' reactions are a third slower when talking on a handheld mobile than when under the influence of alcohol.
· Julia Roberts does not own a TV or a land line. She does have a mobile, but she insists that it is rarely switched on.
· 20bn texts were sent worldwide in 2001 - 1bn in the UK.
· 33% of owners say their phones are for emergencies only.
· There are 30,000 mobile-phone base stations in the UK.
· Biotechnologists are working on the possibility of keeping your sim card safe, by inserting it into your forearm.
· Mobile users are 2.5 times more likely to develop cancer in areas of the brain adjacent to their phone ear, but researchers are unable to prove whether it has anything to do with the phone.
· Scientists say that handsets halve in size every 18 months. By 2017 designs will reach the physical limits of technology.
· 16% of British kids have been bullied by text message.
· 58% of Norwegian executives believe it is rude to take a mobile phone call in a supermarket.
· 2% of mobile owners had their phones stolen last year - a theft every three minutes. The Metropolitan Police claim that mobile thefts account for 1/3 of all street robberies in London.
· It is now possible to locate a person using a mobile phone down to a range of a few metres, anywhere on the globe.

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