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Arborvitae tree

A dense, narrow, evergreen shrub or small tree, arborvitae makes a wonderful privacy screen and

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Comet is a chunk of frozen gasses

Comet is a  chunk of frozen gasses, ice, and rocky debris that orbits the Sun. Comets c

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Amazing Facts About Dogs

Amazing Facts About Dogs

All dogs, be it a Dachshund or a Poodle, are direct descendants of wolves. They all can mate together as they are of the same species however different they might look.  Dogs cannot see color as clearly as we do. They might identify a slight color difference but cannot see and distinguish the exact color.  There are a few breeds of dogs who can sense smell as high as one million times greater than us.
A dog can hear sounds 250 yards away which is 100 times greater than humans. On an average, human beings can hear upto 25 yards.
The gestation period in dogs is about 60 days.


Dogs have been used inhumanly in various wars. In World War
II the USSR used to send dogs around the area of German tanks
with land mines tied upon them.
On an average, the life span of a dog is around 15-16
The normal body temperature for a dog is 101.2 degrees
It is natural for young puppy to chew on to whatever comes
in their way. So, they should never be reprimanded. Just make
sure that you give them the right object to chew on to.
Dogs are able to see much better in dim light than humans
Almost all dogs are capable of attacking livestock. This is
because they primarily belonged to the species of wolf.
Usually a killer dog operates in a group or at least a
couple. Though sometimes the killer may also operate
A puppy's eyes do not open until it is 10 to 15 days old.
And until it has grown about four weeks, it cannot seee
When puppies are born, their senses are not properly
developed. They cannot even hear, see or smell properly till
they are a few days old.
Since dogs have descended from Wolves, they have a natural
instinct to follow their pack leader. Usuallly the dog treats
it's owner as the pack leader and follows it's commands.
Although a dog might be jealous of a new puppy in the
beginning this usually passes quickly since dogs are social
Dogs are loyal to owners not because they give him the food
to eat but because of the respect and companionship you give
Dogs area social animals and do not like to stay alone. One
trick could be to leave your radio or your television set open
if ever you have to go out leaving your dog alone.
Dogs have twice as many muscles for moving their ears as
A dog's nose is a multipurpose weapon with him. Apart from
being used as a sniffing agent, it is also useful for cooling
his body as the holes inside his nose helps him to release
Dogs and cats turn in circles before lying down because in
the wild this instinctive action turns long grass into a bed.

In terms of humans, a one-year-old dog is equivalent to a
15 year-old human.
Dogs' have a great biological clock. They might not look
into the watch but they can sense exactly what time do you
return home from work up to the exact minute.

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