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Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is over forty seven thousand acres of beautiful
eastern scenery and landscape and one of the most visiting National
Parks in the United States of America.

Acadia National Park is a great national park to visit along your
cross country trek in the United States. View the Atlantic Ocean
in all it’s beauty and some of the most beautiful landscapes in
the entire U.S. The East Coast provides a much different
perspective than the West Coast and the Atlantic Ocean gives a
more rustic feel as the cold weather that hits the East Coast
gives the landscapes a more seasonal nature to them.

Acadia National Park was the first National park to be developed
east of the Mississippi river in the United States. It was created
in 1916 and first called the Sieur de Monts National Monument and
then the Lafayette National Park, before it took on it’s name of
the Acadia National Park in 1929 which means it’s a land of plenty
in the Greek terminology.

Most of Mount Desert Island is in the Acadia National Park and
also Cadillac Mountain which is a great place to hike and view the
sunset as it’s the first place in the entire United States that
sees the sun in the morning giving you a whole new perspective of
the U.S. than ever before. In Acadia, you can find some of the
best hiking trails in the U.S including amazing biking and horse
riding with tons of land to do it. Find some of the most vibrant
forests and views of the Atlantic Ocean in America.

If you’re visiting the Acadia National Park in the United States,
check out the amazing ponds in Acadia including the Jordan pond
and enjoy the greens and blues of the quiet rivers and lakes in

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