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Aaron Carter Facts

 1. Aaron Carter is an American singer and he was born on December 7th,1987.

 2. Astrologically, Aaron is a Sagittarius.

 3. His full name is Aaron Charles Carter.

 4. Aaron has four siblings- two older sisters
Bobbie Jean and Leslie, a twin sister Angel and big brother

 5. Aarons parents names are Jane and Bob

 6. Aaron was born in Tampa Florida

 7. Aaron and his family still have a home in
beautiful Marathon, Florida in the Keys.

 8. Aaron has many nicknames including A.C, Airboy,
and Baby Backstreet.

 9. Aaron listens to a wide variety of music,
including pop, R&B, rock, and rap. Aaron taught himself
to rap!

 10. Some of his favorites include Michael Jackson,
Metallica, and the BACKSTREET BOYS!!! Thats quite a mix!

 11. Aarons hobbies include playing video games,
listening to mucic and watching a lot of cartoons

 12. Aaron especially loves to do things outdoors,
like swimming, boating, fishing, skateboarding, and playing

 13. When hes home, Aaron never runs out of things
to do. He has a pool, trampoline, mini motorbike,
rollerblades, jet skis, boat and a basketball court!

 14. Aaron collects sneakers, presents from fans
and various toys.

 15. Aaron is getting more into clothes as he gets
older. He likes to dress sporty, and particularly likes the
colors red and yellow.

 16. Aarons a candy freak! He loves sugary candies
like Runts, Sprees and Gummy Bears. He also digs chocolate
bars, especially Twix.

 17. His favorite soft drinks are Gatorade and
Sprite, but he also drinks lots of milk and water.

 18. Aaron digs action movies, such as Rush Hour 2
and Face-Off.

 19. Aaron also enjoys sci-fi flicks like The
Matrix and the always popular Star Wars.

 20. Aaron is afraid of spiders

 21. He says that his worst habit is clumsiness.
"Im always bumping into things," he says.

 22. Aarons favorite holiday is Christmas.

 23. In his free time, Aaron has been learning to
play serveral instruments. "I play the Saxophone, a little
guitar, and Im a good drummer," he told Tiger Beat magazine.

 24. When Aaron is home, he is still expected to do
chores, like any other teen. "Yeah, I have chores," Aaron
told 16 magazine. "I take out the garbage, clean my room,
wash dishes, walk the dogs and even clean the boats."

 25. Aarons favorite Backstreet Boys song is "As
Long As You Love Me."

 26. Aaron is very close with his twin sister Angel
. They love to swim and play sports together. Angel
sometimes travels with Aaron on tour and even appeared in
the video "Shake It". She is an aspiring model

 27. Older sister Leslie is an up-and-coming pop
star in her own right. She and Aaron have performed and
toured together. Away from the limelight, they like to play
piano and keyboards together.

 28. Oldest sister Bobby Jean, or B.J. as her
siblings and friends call her, has done some modeling and
hopes to break into acting.

 29. Big bro Nick, of course, needs no
introduction. Hes been a constant source of inspiration,
influence and motivation to Aaron since he was a tot.

 30. Nick has written songs for Aarons CDs and also
helps manage his career.

 31. When Aaron was one-and-a-half, he nearly
drowned in his familys pool. His dad saved him.

 32. Aaron has 3 scars- one on his forehead from
falling off his familys boat, one on his toe from stepping
on the propeller, and one on his leg from scraping it on
glass in a garbage can.

 33. Aaron loves roller coasters. Throughout his
travels, hes been on some of the biggest in the world. His
current fave is Mamba in Missouri.

 34. Aaron says his dream car is a Dodge Viper.
Only 2 years to go!

 35. Aaron is a fan of scary movies like Tales From
the Crypt and Children of the Corn.

 36. Aarons best friend now is a boy his age names
Craig Belcher who lives in Florida.

 37. When he is old enough, Aaron plans on getting
some tattoos.

 38. When Aaron was younger, he was really into
Ninja Turtles and Beanie Babies.

 39. Aaron likes to watch pro sports on T.V. He
roots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team and the
Orlando Magic basketball team.

 40. When he was younger, Aaron read Goosebumps
books. Now, hes graduated to the Harry Potter

 41. Aaron was once really into the Pokemon craze,
but says, "Its a bit old now."

 42. Aaron plays on all the different video game
systems- Nintendo, Sega, Sony Playstation, etc. He
especially likes to play against Nick!

 43. His favorites are the James Bond games, which
are based on the movies.

 44. Aaron has often said that his favorite
clothing designer is Tommy Hilfiger.

 45. Aaron says that he and his twin sister Angel
have a lot in common and sometimes finish each others

 46. On long car and bus rides, Aaron passes the
time with headphones and a gameboy.

 47. To date, Aaron has had six books written about

 48. Though he is admittedly hyper and talkative,
Aaron swears that he was shy as a little kid.

 49. Aaron prays before each concert he does.

 50. Aaron has a pet lizard that he named Babyface,
after one of his favorite performers.

 51. One of Aarons favorite meals is his moms
homemade lasagna.

 52. Despite the competition with his brothers
group, Aaron says hes a fan of Nsyncs music.

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