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10 facts about Russian flag

1. The Day of the state flag in Russia - an August 22.

2. Russian flag colors: white , blue , red. For the first time
this combination colour was used for the first russian warship
"Eagle", which was built in 1667-1668. In 1693 white-blue-red
was already official flag of Moscow’s Tsar. Petr I has done
its flag of the Russian fleet.

3.Russian flag color meaning: White colour means the liberty,
blue - Virgin mary (Bogoroditsa), which yore protects to
Russia, red - derjavnost'. On the other versions, the white
colour meant the nobility, blue - probity, but red - boldness
and generosity, inherent russian people. But Modern russian
tricolor has not an official interpretation of importance that
or other colour.

4. Russian flag of 1914 year:

5. Flag of the Russian SFSR (Soviet Federative Socialist
Republic), 1954-1991:

6. USSR(Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) Flag. (Soviet

7. Military sea flag USSR

8. On article 329 UK RF(Penal Code of Russian Federation)
outrage on National emblems of the Russian Federation or State
flag to Russian Federation is punished by restriction of the
liberty for period before two years, or arrest for period from
three before poles of the months, or deprivation of the
liberty for period before one year.

9. The Largest Russian flag is lifted up in
Kremlin(Moscow,Russia) - its size three on four metres.

10. Lifetime of the flag at Kremlin approximately 2-3 months.
Flag is powerfully abrades in rainy particularly and wind's
weather, but quickly fades in year fervour accordingly.

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